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Join Team Justin!

Justin speaks at The Reviving The Islamic Spirit Conference, Toronto. (Photo: Scott Williams.)

Support Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada! Place this Twibbon on your profile picture!

  • Posted: January 14, 2013
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  • Posted: September 18, 2012
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Angry clouds over Capitol Hill

United States Capitol in Washington, District of Columbia 

  • Posted: September 9, 2012
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Akin posts video apology as damage control after rape gaffe

Instead of dropping out, embattled U.S. politician Todd Akin withstood pressure to withdraw as a Republican Senatorial candidate from Missouri by releasing an apology. 

Harper ridiculed on Twitter for Hitler quip

Canadians tolerate Stephen Harper’s infamously partisan behaviour. But for an administration known for its tight, professional communication, the Prime Minister seemed unusually reckless and tasteless after resorting to Hitler smears to discredit the Opposition NDP during Question Period.

Ontario Premier McGuinty bets his leadership strength will woo voters for third mandate

Despite lagging behind the Tories in voter preference polls at present, Ontario Liberals smartly released a campaign ad starring Dalton McGuinty as part of its strategy to highlight the premier’s relatively positive leadership numbers. 

  • Posted: August 22, 2011
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Col. Gaddafi featured in auto-tuned tirade

Watch the dictator in this eyebrow-raising remix

Area kids honoured for life-saving actions

Inside an Ottawa Paramedic Service ambulance. (Photo by Xiaozhuli.)

Seasons come and go, but an east-end diabetic will always cherish last spring – it’s when his children rallied to save his life.

  • Posted: June 5, 2007
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Mitrovic passes on coaching hockey full-time at Ryerson University

Sports and Recreation has been given the money to hire a full-time hockey coach. Current coach Mick Mitrovic declined the position, but will still recruit new players. Alex Guibord recounts the latest tale in the team’s ongoing saga.

Sliding head-first into the boards

It was another forgettable year for the men’s hockey team. In all, the team scored 40 goals in 23 games and let in 159. Alex Guibord investigates what went wrong, who’s blaming whom, and what can be done about it all.